Meyer lemon pickles


Meyer lemons are in or coming into season in most of the warmer regions of the U.S. And when lemons come, they come in abundance. This recipe is terrific way to capture the sunny goodness of lemons for use year round on any dish where you’d normally add a pinch of salt and a squeeze of lemon (think steamed veggies, baked fish, broiled chicken, etc).

Once opened, a jar of pickled Meyer lemons can sit on the kitchen counter for several weeks or in the refrigerator for several months. This recipe was adapted from a traditional Moroccan preparation, where it’s a staple condiment.

Meyer Lemon Pickles

12 or more ripe Meyer lemons
canning salt
pairing knife
large glass bowl
cheese cloth or dish towel
Remove stems and leaves
Rinse to remove mold and dirt
Quarter with a sharp pairing knife
Add 1 TBSP canning salt to the bottom of the bowl
Layer quartered lemons (rinds on!)
Squeeze and express the lemons’ juices
Salt each layer with 1 TSP canning salt
Cover the lemons with a clean cloth and place on the counter
Stir daily for one week, sniffing for a sweetening aroma (up to 4 weeks longer if you like a stronger flavor)
Steam can and enjoy!



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